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Obelisk Carved Pipe: Labradorite

Obelisk Carved Pipe: Labradorite

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Labradorite Pipe

Immerse yourself in the mystical and captivating energy of the Labradorite Pipe, an exquisite piece that merges functionality with natural elegance. Handcrafted from genuine Labradorite, this pipe showcases an iridescent play of colors, ranging from deep blues to vibrant greens, making each piece truly unique.


  • Material: Genuine Labradorite
  • Dimensions: Approximately 4 inches in length
  • Design: Sleek, ergonomic shape for comfortable use
  • Bowl: Stainless steel screen bowl for easy cleaning
  • Benefits: Known as the "Stone of Magic," Labradorite is believed to enhance intuition, protect against negative energies, and promote transformation, making it ideal for meditation and spiritual growth.
  • Usage: Perfect for herbal blends, offering a smooth and mystical experience.

Care Instructions:

To keep your Labradorite Pipe in pristine condition, clean it regularly with warm water and a soft brush. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the crystal.


Each pipe is handcrafted, and natural variations in color and pattern should be expected, adding to the distinctiveness of your piece.

Embrace the mystical energy and transformative power of the Labradorite Pipe. Order yours today and elevate your smoking experience with this enchanting piece.

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